Top 7 Places In and Around Bali - Female Solo Traveler Choices


Bali is a paradise. You don’t have to pay it a visit to know that. But if you decide to come and sightsee this heaven on earth, there’s much more than the landmarks you see in the tour guides. Why? Because each place in Bali and surrounding islands differs from one another.

The ‘island of Gods’ is not the only destination in Indonesia. There are also so many beautiful islands around Bali which are worth visiting once you’re here. That’s why here are a few beautiful places you should definitely see in and around Bali, from the point of view of the digital nomad and female solo traveler. So you know, info confirmed. 😉

Firstly, if you ask me: why Indonesia?

Here is my story

It all started in 2014. Two weeks in Indonesia became two months. Year after year I returned. While I sat at my desk in San Francisco, I daydreamed of the turquoise blue waters, the delicious food, and the unmatched beauty of Indonesia.

By the end of 2016, I started working remotely and was no longer confined to a desk, a city, or a country. Freedom. I bought the first flight I could to Indonesia. Let me tell you, a 60 hour work week is never fun but the sunsets, smoothie bowls, and scuba diving helped ease the pain.

I also fell in love with traditional Balinese ata bags. They not only look great but also bring me all the memories from all the beautiful places I’ve been to. That inspired me to share all the warm Bali (and not only) vibes with you. Some of the bags in my Bali collection are named after my favorite places in and around Bali.

Gili Islands - relaxation at its finest

This beautiful trio of islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno is a must see once you’re in Indonesia. They are located just off the northwest coast of Lombok.

Gili means ‘small island’ in Sasak, the local language of Lombok, and not for no reason. The biggest of the islands, Gili T, is only  2.3 miles square (6km square). All together the three islands only total around 6 miles square.

Seems like not a lot? But most likely that’s why the Gilis are the top destination for those seeking for a moment of relaxation. Imagine that: no cars allowed. Only bikes and horse-drawn carts.

That is also why the white bag in Bali collection is called “Gili”. White = calm. And you can spend the day at the white sand beach and finish it off at a local cafe with a glass of your favorite wine. No pollution, no noise, only you and the beautiful lagoon blue ocean. Relaxation at its finest.


Ubud - Eat Pray Love vibes

Any Eat Pray Love fans in here? If so, let’s face it. We’ve all wanted to be Julia Roberts walking down the streets of Ubud. Cycling through rice paddies and searching for balance and harmony. Are you like ‘what is she talking about?’ Here to explain: if you hear Bali and think about beautiful green rice terraces, temples surrounded by water, a jungle full of monkeys and villas with bathtubs filled with flowers - you’re thinking about Ubud.

We called our oval bag “Ubud”, and it will match any boho outfit of your choice. Ubud is literally THE place to lose yourself and find peace of mind. And to step up your Instagram game, real quick. Honestly, one day in Ubud will give you so much beautiful content. Just look at those views.

Sayan - tropical heaven

Not so popular, yet such a beautiful spot. Set amidst lush tropical valleys by Ayung River. Sayan is a jungle village a few kilometers west of previously mentioned, Bali's infamous Ubud. It might not be a typical spot you will find in Bali travel guides. But I promise, there are the views you won’t forget. Traverse the rice terraces for a beautiful sunrise.

Lounge in a quaint cafe and snack on the most delicious raw cacao treats. And get lost in the artist colonies admiring the incredible craftsmanship of the Balinese.

Sayan” bag is our bestseller. And not for no reason - it lives up to its name.

Flores Island - next big thing

Flores is one of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Located on the east of Komodo Island, it is a gateway to Komodo National Park. Flores is known for its carnivorous Komodo dragons and rich sea life, including manta rays and turtles.

Once hidden in the shadows of its famous neighbor Bali, Flores is on the map as the 'next big thing.' Soaring volcanoes hold a fuming watch over charming seaside towns. Ancient tribes keep their traditions in deep rainforest valleys.

And let's not forget about beaches of black, pink and white sands that lie waiting for the wanderers. Full of energy, charisma and plenty of shimmering sunlight, Indonesia’s “flower island” will leave you with memories you’ll carry for a lifetime.

Flores” is another one of our bestsellers. And just like the island, it might just be the next big thing. 😉

Lovina - volcanic beach

We couldn’t NOT include a beach in our Top 7. We know you will want to end up at least for a moment doing nothing but chilling on the sand watching the ocean. That's why we present Lovina. It lies on the northwestern side of Bali.

This beach with black sand from the cooled lava of nearby Mt. Agung is low key in all the right ways. Small waves, small crowds, small towns and surrounded by seven fishing villages. It is becoming more and more popular with tourists. But it still remains far quieter than the all the hotspots of the Bali's south side. Perfect for relaxation and activities. Or taking that perfect Insta shot on the black sand.

So now you know where our black bag takes its name from. 🖤

Canggu - Instagram paradise

Staying in Bali for a bit longer? Are you a typical insta girl? Or do you just enjoy a good party?

Canggu is a mecca of digital nomads, fashion bloggers and influencers visiting Bali. Not for no reason. It is full of beautiful street art, amazing brunch places and the best party spots in Bali. A bar with skateboarding bowl? - check. Most Instagrammable brunch places? - check. Day full of surfing? - check. A club overlooking the beach, or even better a club ON the beach? - check

If you’re living that digital nomad life, that’s definitely the place you want to stay. It’s full of coworking spaces and awesome cafes. You can sit all day sipping on matcha and doing your stuff online. It also has probably the fastest wifi in Bali, if that's one of your musts.

So if you’re down for good fun and meeting like-minded people, it is a place for you.

The “Canggu” bag is one of our most fashionable designs. It’s a good shopping companion and it looks awesome in all insta pics. Perfect name for the perfect bag. 😉

Seraya - your perfect getaway

Dreaming of switching your phone off and just getting some rest? Seraya might be a place for you. It is a small island on the outskirts of Komodo National Park, just an hour away by boat from Labuan Bajo. The reef is in very good condition and the volume and variety of fish makes it a perfect place for snorkeling.

Calm and simple, just like our “Seraya” tote.


All in all Bali, and surrounding islands are a perfect holiday spot. I don’t need to promise. You can see it yourself. It’s definitely something to add onto your bucket list if it’s somehow still not there.

Xx Jenn

Shop Jenn Lee brings a piece of sunny Bali to you. I work directly with local families in East Bali. This small community of artisans is famous for their ata grass craftsmanship which is passed down through generations. Today, traditional Balinese ata bag is a staple in my wardrobe. It transports me to my happy place no matter what city, season, or occasion. Compliments piled from friends and strangers alike and I knew I needed to find a way to share my favorite slice of paradise with you.

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