Bali Wellness Guide: Affordable Luxury Spa Treatments

Bali vacation

Thinking of heading to Bali? Indonesia is a blissful paradise, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. Soak up the beauty of the island. Enjoy beach days, shopping, eating and exploring. So let's turn that vacay mode on high!

After days of wandering around the tropical island, you might need a little ‘pick-me-up’ treatment. Hand on heart, who doesn't love the endless spa options Bali has to offer? A trip to an Island of Gods would be incomplete without a spa treatment in one of the local wellness retreats. It's Bali, the place of simple pleasures.😍    

Bali is a must-visit destination and wellness paradise offering a wide range of spa treatments.


Exotic wellness paradise

You can barely walk down the street in Bali without tripping over a few spas. So ladies, let me share the following tips with you. Where to find affordable and satisfying wellness options that will blow your mind, not your budget!

Forget western-style retreats, this is something you will only find in Bali. Everything from traditional massages, luxury baths, glam mani-pedis to ayurvedic healing treatments. Are you ready for the ultimate relaxation?


Beji Ayu Spa, Ubud

Enter a world of zen gardens and Balinese sculptures while stepping through the doors. Sacred site of Beji was chosen for the spiritual power of its springs that help with healing. If you are leaning towards the spiritual side of your treatments, this is the place to be. 

Overlooking rice fields, it's a real body and mind soothing paradise. And after the massage treatment, you will be treated once again. A cup of Balinese tea of your choice served with traditional banana fritters. Yes, please!

All these for a fraction of the price that luxury spas charge. Prices are starting from USD $6 for a 1-hour traditional massage. If this is not convincing enough, what else would be?🤷‍♀️😉

Massage overlooking rice fields is a traditional, authentic Balinese treatment worth a try.


Bening Spa, Batu Belig

Who said you can't get a decent massage on a budget only a walking distance from the beach? Yes, you can. Only 2 minutes away from Batu Belig beach in Kuta. And what to expect? Bening Spa is proof that good things come in small packages, but with a full-size value. 

Get a 1-hour traditional Balinese massage for only USD $5.50. Bang for your buck! If you worry you can't get decent service for this value, you are wrong. 

Don't expect a fancy interior, but cleanliness and comfortable design. This little piece of paradise will surely meet your needs and expectations. You have our word, it is a real hidden gem!  


Aquaria Bali, Candidasa

If you are looking for calmer tropical spa in the east, Candidasa might be the perfect place to unwind. Famous for its hidden beaches, mystical temples and fishing villages without the crowds of tourists. Not only the must-see landmarks but also contemporary wellness on the water's edge. 

Experience highly specialized spa treatments offered by one of a kind wellness paradise Aquaria Bali in Candidasa.

They specialize in a few treatments based on aquarian therapy. Never heard of it? It combines traditional Balinese and Chinese massage and reflexology techniques, visualisation and aromatherapy. Oh, so calming! If you are after a serene spa experience, where you can listen to the ocean's pulse, search no more.

Regardless of location and treatments they offer, it comes with a surreal price. Pamper yourself with a 1-hour of traditional massage for only USD $8.80. Bargain! 

Karsa Spa, Ubud

Spoil yourself with ayurvedic treatments by reiki massage practitioners at the top of a mountain. Another one of a kind spa experience.

Karsa Spa stands for an eco-friendly philosophy with lush design overlooking rice fields. You will be treated heavenly with ayurvedic massage oils rubbed into your skin. And your treatment doesn't end here. Dip into a soothing rose petal bath in the outdoor spa with a view of Ubud's countryside.🌹😍 

Ayurvedic massage followed by rose petal bath is a must-try wellness treatment in Karsa Spa, Ubud.

Dedicated massage practitioners will pamper you from USD $11 for a 1-hour treatment. Choose from either traditional or reiki massage. 


Banjar Hot Springs, Lovina

If you are after a raw authentic experience, we have something traditional for you. What about an all-natural spa in the middle of the Balinese jungle? Welcome to the series of baths carved out of sacred natural hot springs near Lovina beach in the north of Bali. Excited? 

It is believed that constant 37-degree water has strong healing properties. Centuries-old stone pools come with eight dragon creatures gushing hot spring water. These dragons are mythical creatures in Hindu legend, called Naga. You can't get more authentic spa experience!

If you are after all-natural, traditional spa experience, you can't miss out on healing properties of Banjar Hot Springs in Lovina.

Hot spring water runs into a larger upper pool, before overflowing into a series of lower pools. While sitting underneath, they create a strong recovering massage-like effect. You will feel that relief!

Springs are open daily, from 8 am to 6 pm, while the entry fee is only USD $ 0.20! Would you be up to it? 


La Joya Wellness, Jimbaran

We can guarantee that La Joya will please your body and mind. Prepare yourself to be spoilt by the wide range of treatments and breathtaking views. 

Experience a massage of your choice at an open-air villa overlooking Balangan beach. Everything from traditional Balinese and Thai treatments to hot stone therapy and ancient ayurvedic massage.  

Part of a good deal is not just the price, but also an elevated plunge pool overlooking Jimbaran bay. And it doesn't cost a fortune. USD $15 for a traditional 1-hour massage and USD $26 for a 1-hour ayurvedic massage. 

Choose La Joya Wellness in Jimbaran and experience a massage of your choice at an open-air villa overlooking Balangan beach.


Udara Spa, Canggu

Ever wondered how it feels to relax in hot and cold plunge pools surrounded by giant tree roots and magical animal statues? Sounds like a fairytale? It does, leaving you with an Alice in Wonderland kind of feel.🔮 

Everything from massage treatments, relaxation pools, water healing to the herbal steam sauna. Water healing is one of the treatments worth mentioning. The therapist supports and stretches your body while you float in a warm water watsu pool. Blissful!✨

Besides massage treatments, this wellness and yoga paradise in Canggu offers a water healing therapy and herbal steam sauna.

Another perk includes free Sunday yoga sessions and ecstatic dance from 9 am till 1 pm. Stretch out or dance! 

A real magical wellness paradise overlooking the beach, where you can enjoy the sunset. Rates start from USD $16 for a 1-hour traditional Balinese massage.

D'Nail Bar, Uluwatu

Ok, so your body got a lot of wellness attention lately. But how about your nails? 

D'Nail Bar is not an ordinary nail salon, but an intimate nail spa environment. Expect a boutique-style place with a laid back atmosphere and seriously good music. Would you like a glass of vino while getting your nails done? Coffee or tea perhaps? You are welcome, 'cause you can get them all, complimentary!😎🍷 

Spoil yourself with a boutique-style nail spa experience at D’Nail Bar in Uluwatu.

Another well-done beauty gateway, perfect to share with your girlfriend.   

Have we convinced you to give yourself some 'spa-cial' pampering while on your next vacay in Bali? You glow girl. 

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