Female Founder Spotlight: Wells of Swells

Wells modeling a scarf from Swells

In short, who is Wells?

"Hi! I’m Wells, a silk scarf designer who lives in Charleston, SC. I grew up in Atlanta, GA, and have always had a penchant for women's fashion + mid-century aesthetics."

A brief synopsis of what Swells is and how it began:

"Swells is a silk scarf brand featuring my original illustrations. I started the company when COVID derailed my college internship plans, but I continued growing the brand post-graduation. My mission for Swells is to reintroduce scarves to a new wave of wearers, via my designs’ colorful + whimsical motifs."

Wells and her husband


I can't live without: Chocolate
I relax by: Listening to jazz
Words to live by: Let go and let God!
Ideal date night: Walking to grab a drink in downtown Charleston then playing Chinese checkers at home.
My ideal night with friends: Hangout time, cozy on the couch!
Most treasured possession: A photograph of my grandmother from 1948 that I found tucked away in her home!
Favorite piece of clothing: My silk scarves!
Favorite dance song: Anything Taylor Swift
What does living well mean to me: Being healthy (exercising, eating right) and prioritizing quiet time.

Wells by the pool modeling her silk scarf


Next destination you want to travel to: Paris– we are headed there in May!
Favorite hotel: St. Regis Bora Bora (we went there on our honeymoon!)
Favorite place to visit over & over: Anywhere along the 30A strip in Florida!
Favorite restaurant abroad: Le Sube’s lounge bar in Saint Tropez or Le Plongeoir in Nice.
Favorite pool: The Lou Pinet’s pool in Saint Tropez 
Favorite cultural experience: Learning about native music + dance from locals in Bora Bora
Weekend getaway: Charleston! We are out of town so often that it feels like a vacation when we get to be home!
City getaway: New York!

Wells with her friends in Swells silk scarves


Favorite outfit: My wedding dress– how can that ensemble ever be beat!
Favorite day bag: My Freja New York tote 
Favorite event bag: My J.Lowery feather purse
Favorite piece of jewelry: A bracelet my grandmother gifted me
Most frequently worn brand: MANGO - I have a pair of jeans from them that I wear almost every day.
Favorite newly discovered brand: Kitri
One thing every woman should own: A colorful coat. I have a hot pink one that adds such happiness to winter outfits.
Everyday uniform: Denim, white top, and a scarf!
Best accessory: Silk scarf ;) But actually– they’re timeless + effortless!
Item to splurge on: Shoes. Literally any kind!

Wells the founder of Wells


Favorite restaurant: Chubby Fish
Favorite cocktail: I’ve been very into Negroni’s lately!
Favorite dessert: Ice cream
Hostessing tip: People don’t care if it’s cramped, they just care that they’re welcomed!
Ideal dinner guests: Guests that love to share stories!
Coffee order: I’ve recently switched to Matcha and love it.
Favorite cookbook: Admittedly, my husband does the cooking!
Favorite recipe: My grandmother’s chicken salad.

Silk Scarf from Swells

Well is a creative, a visionary, and a go-getter. She genuinely loves her job and her passion exudes from every scarf she illustrates. Women like Wells remind us that with dedication and a positive outlook, we can achieve our goals and pursue our dreams even when they seem impossible.


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